Sarah Kroner - Reiki Master Teacher, Therapist and Energy Practitioner
Set yourself free from past trauma
Introduction - 
Holistic Support for Parents and Children

I believe that many of life's experiences, like parenthood, marriage, exams and work can leave us feeling overwhelmed, anxious and stressed.

Whilst stressed, we hold on to negative feelings and beliefs which can then affect our levels of confidence, concentration, health & wellbeing, our happiness and even our relationships with others.

I can help you feel more positive, confident, empowered, energised and free to enjoy your life by offering bespoke practical and emotional support.

You may be thinking that your experience or situation is too difficult to overcome, or that your stress is too overwhelming to even know where to begin - I really can help.

Please contact me to discuss how I can best support you. 
New day to heal - Set yourself free

Please be aware that holistic therapies are designed to compliment and support traditional medicine, and must in no way replace the diagnosis and advice offered by a qualified medical health professional.
It is always wise to seek medical advice if you have any health concerns and always continue taking prescribed medication as directed by your GP or other qualified health professional.

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